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Monday, 23 February 2009

I've messed around with fudge making in the last few months. So far I've only made faux fudge using things like cream cheese or marshmallows to get the soft texture. This time I thought I should try it the proper way. I picked up a new bottle of milk on my way past the shop and decided to just get on with it.

The recipe I used was from James Martin. The only ingredients are milk, sugar, butter and vanilla with a little oil for greasing. I also planned to use my brand new sugar thermometer that I got for christmas but it didn't quite work out. My pan wasn't tall enough for it to be clipped to the edge so we tried to hold it at an angle into the liquid. The marker still wasn't covered so we used the trusty water method to gauge the stage the sugar was upto. It seemed to work well but I think I could have left it a few more minutes to be sure. Mine was a lot paler than in the picture on the website.

The finished result is delicious. It's very sweet and smooth with a nice vanilla flavour. I'm tempted to dip some of them into chocolate too. I sent some of these to my brother and am looking forward to finding out what he thinks of them (he loves fudge).


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