Pork Burgers

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

They're a little anaemic looking but they tasted amazing. I also made the chips (cut up potatoes, spray with cooking spray and season with herbs, black pepper and worcester sauce and chuck in a hot oven until cooked). This was actually a very substantial dinner and quite healthy. Extra lean pork mince was used and a nice fresh salad to accompany. Yummy.

The pork burgers were seasoned with mustard powder, actual mustard, jalapeno sauce, dried mixed herbs, German curry ketchup (this stuff is ace!) and worcester sauce. They're so anaemic looking because we cooked them in the oven along with the chips. If you grill them or fry them they'll get some more colour on them. We're not that fussy though! The texture was very substantial and firm which went well with the fresh salad. These would also go well in a bun with some cheese and ketchup if that's your style. You can also play around with the flavourings and seasoning and use whatever you like. As the pork mince is very mild tasting it's a good canvas for a range of delicious additions.


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