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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I like to make people happy (stop laughing, I do!) and I also like to show off my talents a little (what do you mean..? I have talents!). I guess I'm pretty lucky that I have learned skills over the years. When I first started uni, I was living with people who could barely make their own toast and there I was cooking proper meals, from scratch, every day. I learned to cook when I was young and have always enjoyed it. I also love to learn (hence the 3 years at uni) and am always keen to try new things.

This is how I got into cake decorating. Actually, I think it runs in the blood somewhat. My mum (and sometimes dad) used to bake cakes for our birthdays when we were kids and one of my brothers has also given it a go. I felt like I needed to jump on the family bandwagon!

It all started with my old housemate's birthday. I was pretty skint so I decided to fall back on the baking skills and make a cheap-ish but well meaning present. She was more than happy for me to bake her a cake so I got asking her about characters she liked and she settled on Mori Chack's Gloomy Bear. After a little research and some pink food colouring, I ended up with this;

Gloomy Bear Cake
I didn't think it was too bad really. So I was brave and offered a cake to another friend for her birthday. This time it was a Pucca cake (yes, pretty much the same deal as the other one but with different colours - we have to start somewhere!).

Pucca Face CakeMy next offering was actually for my own birthday (sad but true). I had a few people coming over to mine so I decided a cake was in order (it was my 21st birthday afterall). As you may remember from this post I am all about pirates. I decided a simple but piratey cake was in order...

Pirate Skull and Bones CakeSince then I made a cocktail glass cake which I actually thought was rubbish. I was really upset as I was being paid a few quid to make it and I just wasn't happy with it (and had no time to change it). It was thankfully for a friend who actually really appreciated it and still talks about it to this day. I however can't look at it without picking out all the mistakes (and there are many) and can't bring myself to post a picture (I don't even know if I have any).

I also did a really good Punisher cake for Al and never got a picture of that either. I'm so slack. So yes, I'm making cakes when I have the time but generally they're not heavily decorated. I am however, about to embark on the decoration of my christmas cakes soon so you will most definitely get photos of those!


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