Homemade Tofu?

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Since vegan month began I've been looking at all sorts if things to do with veganism. I find myself searching for vegan recipes of all descriptions and, in my search, I stumbled on a few articles about making tofu at home.

Tofu isn't something I'd ever really enjoyed until I tried to make my own tofu scramble. I think the difference was that I wasn't using it as a "meat replacement" but rather as an ingredient in its own right. It is definitely something that I am looking to use more of in my recipes as it is such a unique ingredient.

The whole process of homemade tofu really intrigues me as it seems to simple yet it's not something I've ever really thought about making at home. It seems rather similar to cheese making. There are several articles floating around the internet but these are some that I found particularly good

Chow.com's Homemade Tofu Recipe takes you through the process step by step. It has clear instructions and makes the whole process seem very doable. The pictures are clear and simple and the language used is easy to understand. There are also some recipes to make with your homemade tofu!

Just Hungry's version is a little more in depth and is a series of three posts about making soy milk, making that into tofu and using the "okara" or solids from the process which is a nice way to make the recipe less wasteful (though the suggestions are not necessarily vegan). Again, there are some good instructions (a little more wordy than Chow.com's but still easy to follow) and the pictures are a good size and easy to view.

So have any of you had a go at making your own tofu? I'm actually quite interested in trying it out (though probably not this month due to time constraints!) and would happily give it a go. Let me know if you've had a go, are planning on trying it or just think that nipping to the shops is much easier!


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